Effects of Taijiquan on the meridians

  •   What are meridians

  • In traditional Chinese medicine, meridians are defined as pathways that run through the entire body

          Within you flows the life energy called qi. Along the meridians are also the acupuncture points through which you can influence the Qi. 


  • Task of the meridians
  • Via the meridians the life energy Qi flows through the body. The Qi supplies all organs, sensory organs and tissues with energy, nourishes and warms them.
  • Meridians connect the organs with each other. In addition, the meridians connect the inside with the outside, the top with the bottom and the left with the right of the body.
  • The meridians counteract disease-triggering factors that pressurize the body from the outside. According to Chinese medicine, wind, cold, moisture, heat, fire and dryness are important causes of illness. The meridians have the task of absorbing these disturbing factors, eliminating them and preventing a deeper penetration into the body.
  • The meridians are supposed to indicate symptoms and signs of disease. Problems of internal organs manifest themselves in disturbances of the flow of Qi.
  • The KCM/TCM uses the meridians to harmonize the energy flow and to achieve an undisturbed flow of Qi through the body.
  • Display of the meridians
Jing Mai 12 main meridians
Qi jing mai 8 extraordinary vessels
Jing jin 12 Guiding tendons
Luo Mai 15 connecting channels
Jing bie 12 special meridians
Jing shui Water rides


WǔxíngZàngfǔShortcutTimeJīngluò (Meridian)TaìjíEmotionsense organfabric
Metal (金) Lungs Lu 03-05 Tai Yin Yīn Mourning nose Skin
Metal (金) Colon Di 05-07 Yang Ming Yáng Mourning nose Skin
Earth (土) stomach Ma 07-09 Yang Ming Yáng Worry Lips Connective tissue
Earth (土) Spleen Mi 09-11 Tai Yin Yīn Worry Lips Connective tissue
Fire (火) Heart He 11-13 Shao Yin Yīn Joy Tongue Blood
Fire (火) Small intestine 13-15 Tai Yang Yáng Joy Tongue Blood
Water (水) Bladder Bl 15-17 Tai Yang Yáng Fear Ear Bones
Water (水) Kidney Ni 17-19 Shao Yin Yīn Fear Ear Bones
Fire (火) Perikard Pe 19-21 Jue Yin Yīn Joy Tongue Blood
Fire (火) 3 times warmer 3E 21-23 Shao Yang Yáng Joy Tongue Blood
Wooden (木) Gall Bladder Gb 23-01 Shao Yang Yáng Anger Eye muscle
Wooden (木) Liver Le 01-03 Jue Yin Yīn Anger Eye muscle


  • How can I feel the effect?


  • Are meridians stimulated by Taiji?